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Gloucestershire's magic man Richard Parsons reflects on his life as a magician

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Author: Patrick Baines, Posted: Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 16:30

Richard Parsons Richard Parsons

Being accepted into the Magic Circle isn’t easy. Only the very best magicians gain entry to this most exclusive of clubs, so imagine the delight that Gloucestershire magician Richard Parsons felt when he discovered he had been accepted into the legendary magic society.

That was back in 2012 and since then Richard has forged a massively successful career in magic, picking up numerous awards for his dynamic routines.

Richard, a master entertainer who specialises in card tricks, says being admitted into the Magic Circle was a major moment in his performing career.

He said: “There’s just over 1500 members of the Magic Circle in the whole world so it’s quite an exclusive club I’m in. To join I had to be nominated by two existing members then travel to London to perform an 8-minute routine in front of a panel of judges and an audience of 50 or so.

“I was obviously quite nervous, but I managed to do the routine successfully. I then had to wait a month or so before finding out if I’d been accepted. I got the congratulatory email and that was that, I was in!

“What I’ve developed over the years is that important ability to deal with different people in different situations. I think there’s a massive difference between a magician and being an entertainer, I think of myself as an entertainer. Anyone can learn tricks, it’s doing the magic as well as entertaining the audience that’s the real challenge.

“Over the years I’ve developed a greater self-confidence, that ability of being able to just walk up to a table packed full of people and not just perform magic tricks but also entertain as well.

“I often say that performing magic is a lot like being a stand-up comedian, routines get refined and developed until they’re perfect.”

Richard is skilled in several aspects on magic, but it’s the traditional card tricks he enjoys performing most.

He continued: “Card tricks are probably my strongest suit, but I also enjoy metal bending, a bit of mind reading and theatrical pickpocketing as well. It’s all close-up magic, I enjoy the interaction with people and seeing the looks on their faces when I do a trick.

“Pickpocketing is something I’ve done for a while. I’ve worked with the police and the public on how pickpocketing works, it ties in to magic in a lot of respects because it’s an activity based on distraction. Most magicians will steal the odd watch when they’re performing, of course they don’t keep them I should add!”

Richard has performed at massive corporate events and weddings all over the country, and there’s one venue that he says he’d love to return to one day in the future.

He explained: “A few years ago I was flown out to Venice, that was quite special. I was booked to perform at three events that were held over five days, so I got to spend a fair bit of time out there. It was a great adventure, I’d love to go back.

“I enjoy living in Gloucestershire as it’s a big wedding county and I get to perform at loads of wonderful castles and buildings here. A lot of my work is carried out at weddings and corporate events.”

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