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The Brewery - Demelsa Coleman
We find the Local Answer to be one of our most effective forms of advertising and know that it gets through to our customers. In the events we have publicised with the magazine, we have seen an increased number of people attend. In addition, our market research shows that, when asked, most people saw it advertised in The Local Answer. We are more than happy to recommend advertising with them!

Time For You Cleaning Services - Jaquie Sim
The Local Answer is absolutely brilliant! We advertise in all the local directories but have found The Local Answer really worth its money and having a colourful advert makes such a difference! At first we were worried in this financial climate, but we have had fantastic business and now advertise in all 5 editions including the Town Centre! People always call and say they have seen our advert and we are very, very happy with the response and quality of the magazine!

The Brown Jug - Matt Birch
You cannot find a better publication for the distribution. Artwork and professionalism of The Local Answer is very good. As they’ve grown, we’ve grown.

Handsam Boat Company - Tom Sandham
We’re very pleased with how The Local Answer has drawn in customers from Cheltenham as we are based in Evesham. It is well worth our hard earned money as we have had an excellent response.

MWE Furnishings - Mark Evans
Advertising with The Local Answer has been very successful, we got such a big job from our first advert that it paid for the rest of the year’s advertising!

PC Menders - John Furley
When I started PC Menders in February 2010, I chose The Local Answer to advertise home and small business computer support services around the Cheltenham area, and a large proportion of my calls now come from those advertisements. The Local Answer is a high quality publication that people rely on as a source of dependable service providers and I will certainly be continuing my use of their services.

The Guild Hairdressing - Michael Lunnon
Distribution to individual homes was very appealing, the density of advertising is great and we are 100% that we get results. We have been advertising for over a year and it has been thoroughly successful!

Craig Thorn Acupuncture and Massage - Craig Thorn
Advertising with The Local Answer has been really effective. I approached them after seeing the magazine come through my door and was very impressed with the service. Our advert was very punchy and we have been extremely pleased with the response.

Kitchen Wizard Gloucestershire - Steve Dewing
After speaking to a range of people before advertising, everyone admitted they looked over the magazine and kept it around the home so I was sure it would benefit us! We have received a very professional service unlike that received from others and, most importantly, we’ve had a great response.

PH Recovery - Paul Hutchinson
We used to advertise in the local newspaper six nights a week before we chose to change to The Local Answer. Our decision was based on their excellent door-to-door coverage and after only two months of advertising we are surprised at how quick we have had customers in contact.

Staverton Building Supplies - Mark Hanks
Initially I was attracted to the quality of the magazine and the massive distribution was really appealing. We have enjoyed a very good position in the magazine (the inside front cover) and it has definitely worked for us!

Nick Burton Carpenter - Nick Burton
I have advertised with The Local Answer right from the start and as their editions expanded we did too. We got work straight away and I get 10-12 phone calls a week as a direct result of being in the magazine. I don’t advertise anywhere else except on my van and I couldn’t be happier!

The Muffin Man - Robert Matthews
When we started advertising we had a really good response of 185 entries to our competition! I definitely believe that The Local Answer has helped us to gain more customers – we get parties of people quoting the magazine!

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