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Christopher Byford releases final book of trilogy

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Author: Patrick Baines, Posted: Monday, 18th June 2018, 17:00

The final instalment of Christopher Byford’s ‘Gambler’s Den’ series is to be released early next month.

It was less than a year ago that that the Gloucester-based author signed a multi-book contract with publishing giants HarperCollins, and next month the final book of the series – ‘Den of Smoke’ – will hit the shelves. The book is released on 5th July and the author is hopeful it will be as warmly received as the first two releases. “It’s been a whirlwind year or so, first getting signed by HarperCollins and then finishing the third book,” said Christopher. “I didn’t want to go down the traditional route of everyone sailing off into the sunset and living happily ever after. It wasn’t easy to wrap the series up, I went through a fair few rewrites but I’m really happy with the finished product and I hope the readers are as well,” he added.

One of the most successful authors in the world – Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin – has often spoken of his difficulty in concluding his series of books, and Christopher says he can sympathise with the best-selling American author. He said: “It was hard. I signed with HarperCollins when I was halfway through writing the second book in the series and I had some very solid plans on where I wanted the third book to go. We made a few changes to the first and second books that impacted heavily on the storyline which meant I had to basically start the second book again from scratch.

“It was fraught with difficulty, there was one particular day when I locked myself in a room and really had to think hard on how to conclude the third book. I wanted to take it in a direction where people will be surprised by how the story pans out. I started writing my ‘Gambler’s Den’ series at secondary school, so it’s been a long journey. Hopefully people are going to like the result.”

Writing is what Christopher loves best, although he admits he does enjoy time away from his laptop. Christopher continued: “As an author your success is pretty much down to you, it’s sometimes hard to switch off. I try and read or spend time in the garden to take my mind off writing but it’s always there at the back of your mind.

“It’s nice to take a step back and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. The problem I have is that I’m always looking for the next challenge! Now that the series is done I’d love to carry on in partnership with HarperCollins. I’ve just passed 40,000 words for my new book which is keeping me very busy at the moment. I can’t give too much away for obvious reasons, what I will say is it’s a gothic horror book that I’m really enjoying writing.”

If Christopher is looking for inspiration for his future literary career he’ll be able to ask some of the world’s most successful authors their secrets at an event in London next month. Said Christopher: “I’ve been invited to an event down at the Victoria and Albert Museum next month that has been organised by HarperCollins. David Walliams and George R.R. Martin have also been invited so it will be fantastic to meet them. I do have to step back and reflect on what has been an amazing 12 months or so. If you’d have told me a year ago I’d have three published books and would be sent an invitation to meet some of the world’s most famous writers I wouldn’t have believed you!”

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