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Churchdown author Lorraine Collinson releases second book

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Author: Patrick Baines, Posted: Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 09:00

The front cover of Lorraine’s new release. The front cover of Lorraine’s new release.

Children’s author Lorraine Collinson has released her second book, a story based on her beloved pet cocker spaniel.

‘Ravensthorpe Tinker in O Wild One, Rooster Roo & 10,000 Balls of Fluff’ is the follow-up to her debut release which came out earlier this year. Her second book goes on sale on 31st August and Lorraine is hopeful it will be as successful as her debut release. She said: “I took on an eighteen-month-old cocker spaniel called Tinker, she was the inspiration for me to write the books. She had a tough upbringing and got into a lot of mischief. I took her on and totally fell in love with the cocker spaniel breed. The books are loosely based on her adventures. The new book charts the story of when Tinker came to live with me.”

Gloucestershire born and bred, Lorraine is a lover of all breeds of dogs but has a soft spot for the cocker spaniel breed and currently owns two Scottish Heath working cockers. Lorraine continued: “Initially I had no ambitions to make a career out of writing, so it’s been quite surprising how things have turned out. My publishing company, Choir Press who are based in Gloucester, released the first book earlier this year and copies have been sold all over the world which has just been so exciting to hear. Books have been sent to Australia, Portugal, France, USA and many other countries. It’s overwhelming to think children all over the world are enjoying my writing.

“Cocker spaniels have bundles of energy, they require a lot of attention and walking. If they’re not given what they need they do become a bit of a handful. The stories I write about are fun, they’re easy reading and ideal for children to enjoy.”

It’s not just writing that Lorraine excels at, she’s also a talented artist and has used her artistic talent to great effect in her books. Lorraine continued: “All the artwork for my books is done by myself. I’ve always loved drawing and painting. I remember being very young and my father always saying I had an artistic talent. My father was a painter and decorator, he always used to cut me off strips of lining paper and let me draw, I suppose that’s where my love of art began.”

As soon as her second book is released Lorraine will be focusing on her next release in the series, which is due for release next month. Lorraine added: “The third book should be ready for release in late October according to my publishers, which is exciting as it coincides with Christmas. The fourth book in the series will be released in early 2019 then books five, six and seven will be released sometime in the summer of next year I imagine. It’s been a total joy to have written the books, I hope the children who read them get as much enjoyment from them as I did writing them.”

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