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Gloucestershire author Valerie Kite releases debut book

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Author: Patrick Baines, Posted: Friday, 14th September 2018, 15:10

Valerie's book is available to purchase from Amazon Valerie's book is available to purchase from Amazon

Dursley resident Valerie Kite has released a book inspired by her passion of observing how people use communication and reasoning in their daily lives.

‘4 Lines of Reason’ is a book that confronts the powers of conversation and the true meaning of words. “Conversation has always fascinated me. I’ve often noticed there is a huge difference in what people say and what they actually mean so that was my main inspiration for writing the book,” Valerie said.

She continued: “I wanted to write a book that inspires people who read it to reflect on our world.

“I’ve tried to cover topics that are very important to people such as stress, anxiety and all the various challenges we deal with every single day. Readers of my book will be surprised to learn that stress can actually be a positive. Some people produce their best work in stressful situations but then stress, like everything else, has a limit.

“In today’s society we see many communication breakdowns within a family network, between siblings and friends. My book will be beneficial in promoting healthy, engaging communication across all ages. Some people may say it’s a self-help book, others may look at it in a different light.

“Throughout life we all are exposed to words that cause arguments and miscommunication. Words are never easy and many things that we see, read or hear have numerous meanings to each and every one of us. We are finding in today’s technological world, people do not have the time to take a step back and ask what do words truly mean to them.”

Valerie was surprised as to how well she was able to deal with the stresses that are associated with writing a book.

She added: “I found writing the book was a fair bit easier than I imagined. I dedicated between two to three hours a day where I would sit down and write. The whole process took just under eight months to complete. I’d had an ambition of writing this book for a very long time so it’s extremely satisfying to be able to say I’m a published author.

“I enjoy speaking to people about my book. I recently contacted GL11 Community Hub who are based in Dursley. They got in touch and asked me to present some of the chapters from my new book which is very exciting. It means a lot to me that people are engaging with my book and seem to be enjoying it.

“Looking further ahead my second book is due for publication later this month. With a bit of luck volume three should be published not too long after as well.”

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