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Author: Roberta Smart, Posted: Friday, 23rd November 2018, 09:00

Every year, the people of Iceland dive deep into a literary tradition which ranks the country as one of the top in the world for reading. May I introduce ‘Jolabokaflod’ (Christmas Book Flood) – your new favourite holiday tradition!

Starting in October, the Icelandic Publishing Houses produce a catalogue of all the new titles coming out and they distribute these to every home – like an Ikea catalogue for books!

Curled up with a book on Christmas Eve

Bookstores become go-to venues, as authors do readings and share the wonder of storytelling as the season progresses – the Icelanders love it! They all go crazy, buying books as presents which are gifted on Christmas Eve. They then spend the rest of the evening curled up cosy and warm, drinking hot chocolate, eating chocolate or cake and reading their books. Literally every home in Iceland will be curled up with a book on Christmas Eve – how wonderful is that?!

I share this with you to illustrate how differently we can approach the Christmas season, as so many of us are exhausted with the over-commercialisation of the holiday and worry about the impact it is having on our kids.

Books are whole worlds in the palms of our hands, and we all know how powerful a good reading habit can be for our future prospects. Perhaps we should bring The Great Book Flood to the UK – now there’s a thought.

As well as the best sellers and big names, there is a plethora of independent authors publishing incredible books that you probably have never heard of. A bit of searching online will certainly reveal secrets you just can’t wait to share.

I can recommend a few authors I have met in recent years who offer a range of books that are perfect for the Christmas holiday flood. Lucy Pearce of writes for women and girls, incorporating ancient tradition, culture and practice to bring a new world to a younger generation. There is also Michelle Gordon of who writes about angels, fairies and the magic of life beyond the earthly realms. If you are in the least mystical you will love this series.

For more authors and self published wonders, the world of the internet is full of independent authors offering artistically driven books, colouring books, planners and diaries not available on the high street.

Old dusty copies of classics lie awaiting discovery

Personally I love nothing more than a root around a used book store or even an antique shop where old dusty copies of classics lie awaiting discovery. For the adults in your life, first editions of their favourite books are a prized possession and hidden treasures lie within the pages of poetry compendiums and collections.

Add in some fine chocolate, homemade Christmas cake and the most decadent of hot chocolates topped with marshmallows and cream, and you have a Christmas tradition to remember for years to come.

Merry Christmas and happy reading!


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